Thursday, September 9, 2010

After Apple - Picking

"After Apple-Picking", by Robert Frost, was probably one of my favorites of the poems assigned to read. I really enjoyed his use of imagery, and liked how he was slightly more straightforward than the other poets. I took Mr. Frost's poem as a literary work that symbolized the cycle of life. The speaker talks of how he desired a large harvest but has become tired of working in the orchard: "For I have had too much of apple-picking: I am overtired of the great harvest I myself desired. There were ten thousand thousand fruit to touch, cherish in hand, lift down, and not let fall" (line 26-31). To me, this was a paralleled concept with the repetitiveness of life. Many people have desires in life; however, there often comes a time when they can become fatigued from the familiar cycle of it all. Professionally speaking, there are times when many individuals grow tired of doing the same tasks everyday. At home, others become weary from the everyday chores they have to complete. Generally speaking, a redundancy in anything fatigues people. This also connects with the reappearance of the word "sleep" throughout the poem. Just as the speaker becomes tired of his work, so do others with their cyclical lifestyles. I thought it was a clever way to enhance the theme of the poem.

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