Thursday, October 7, 2010

"Delight in Disorder" by Robert Herrick

The overall theme of the poem "Delight in Disorder" was one of imperfections and inconsistencies. The speaker held the opinion that one's imperfections are what make her most beautiful, and went on to give examples of what types of flaws he found charming. For instance, in today's world a mole on a girl's cheek can enhance beauty and even become her trademark, like Marilyn Monroe's. And graying temples can give a man the impression of being a distinguished individual rather than having the negative connotation of aging. I also noticed that the speaker used a few oxymorons to enforce his conception. In the first line, he states that there is a "sweet disorder" in the mindless way a woman dresses. By saying this, he gives the word "disorder" a positive meaning showing that he likes the feeling of disregard or spontaneity in disorganization. Also, near the end of the poem he uses the phrase "wild civility" that does more to "bewitch [him] than when art is too precise in every part". Through this statement, the speaker reveals that he is dazzled by a lady who exudes an air of carelessness.

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