Wednesday, November 3, 2010

my thoughts

My favorite of the three stories this week was probably "How I Met My Husband" by Alice Munro. I liked how there was an element of surprise in that storyline and how the ending was unexpected. Although it was a good story, I sort of got the sense that she wasn't incredibly happy with her mailman husband. She failed to mention their relationship until the last paragraph of the story, and gave the impression that she had merely settled for him because he showed interest in her. When she talked about their first date, "he asked if I would like to go to Goderich, where some well-known movie was on, I forget now what" (page 146), I found it odd that she couldn't even seem to remember the name of the movie. Don't most girls remember every detail about their first date with a guy they really like? That's my opinion at least. Regardless, I'm glad that she ended up with a good husband.
In "Interpreter of Maladies", what I took as the central conflict in the story was the fact that all the main characters were unsatisfied with their lives. I thought it demonstrated a common theme of adults being discontent with where they've come in life. Many people in today's society seem to be unhappy with their lifestyles or current situations, and I thought this story illustrated it well.
As for "A Rose for Emily", I personally just found this story unsettling. Miss Emily was a creepy main character and the townspeople can probably rest better at night knowing that she's now dead. I know that's harsh, but hey, the truth hurts is what I hear.

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