Thursday, January 27, 2011

Devil in Disguise

The further along I get into Othello, the more enthralled I become with the character of Iago. It amazes me how he seems to have the adaptability of a chameleon and can somehow manage to fool everyone at once. While he is an absolutely terrible and amoral person, I cannot dispute that I find myself waiting to see what elaborate plans he'll think up next. I'm curious to see who will discover that Iago is evil in the long run and help lead to his destruction. Goodness knows he deserves it! It is my premonition that Emilia will be the one to figure out that he is lying since she assumed that whoever was framing Desdemona was looking out for their own position and had their best interests at heart. I'm just scared that her discovery of such things will lead to her own death. I wouldn't put it past Iago to threaten and kill his own wife. After all, he had nothing good to say about her while she was alive either.

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  1. sometimes the villains are more fun than the heroes.