Monday, February 28, 2011

Walter, don't be shellfish. Share your coconut shrimp.

11. Who is responsible for Walter's situation? Explain why.

Walter is by far the most selfish and disliked character in this play. He is incredibly self-centered, and as the play advances he becomes more absorbed in himself and his dreams than anyone else. Therefore, the only person I can consider remotely responsible for his situation is himself. It is completely and utterly his fault that he loses their inheritance, and I'm glad that he has to suffer the consequences of his actions and live with the guilt of letting down his family. Perhaps he'll change his attitude after that. Walter blatantly disregards Mama's request that he put money aside for Bennie's education, and another part in the bank. Instead, he decides to invest all of it in his own dream and puts it towards the liquor store. This plan backfires when the person he entrusts the money to runs away and steals it. In one selfish act, he allows the rest of his family members' dreams to go down the drain.

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