Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Setting ---> Moors
"This is certainly a beautiful country!" (pg 3)

Throughout the novel, I have found the setting to be significant through the repetitive mentioning of the moors. As the book begins, the moors are immediately described as " completely removed from the stir of society" and are viewed as isolated. To me, this resembles Heathcliff's detachment from society and gradual resignation from the world. Even the novel's title is based off the rugged setting of the storyline. "Wuthering", as the narrator explains, is a local adjective used to describe the fierce winds that blow during storms on the moors. Oftentimes, storms or cold weather are mentioned as further evidence of the novel's overall tone of unhappiness. At one point, I noticed that the moors even seemed to match Cathy's emotions during significant moments. After she realized that Heathcliff had run away, she stood outside in "the growling thunder, and the great drops that began to splash around her" didn't affect her as "she remained, calling at intervals, and then listening and then crying outright" for Heathcliff to come back. Here, I thought that the weather obviously correlated with her internal struggle and her desperation for Heathcliff to return home. Just as the moors are wild and unpredictable, so is the character of Catherine.

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