Friday, July 9, 2010

I am beginning to think that this novel is not one with a happy ending. As it becomes closer and closer to the end, I feel as though most of the characters are unhappy with their lives. All except for Brett and Romero I suppose. They think they are in love at the moment. So far, I can't tell if it's the real thing or not. Based on her past, I can't see their romance lasting too long. But then again, I've been wrong about characters before. There was one part that made me believe it was real though. While Romero was in the ring, this was what was written:
"Never once did he look up. He made it stronger that way, and did it for himself, too, as well as for her. Because he did not look up to ask if it pleased he did it all for himself inside, and it strengthened him, and yet he did it for her, too." (page 220)
Once again, the bull fighting scene captivated my interest. Reading about the suspense and the tactical aspects of the sport has sort of made me want to see a bull fight firsthand someday. Do they still have those in Spain? I'm sure they do since they're so traditional in Europe. This novel makes it seem more like an art than a gory and bloody spectacle.


  1. That's really interesting Rachel, I've got a post very similar to this one because I didn't know there was so much technique put into bullfighting.

  2. We might need to take a field trip to watch some bull fighters.