Friday, July 9, 2010

What interested me about his chapter was the fact that each character is going his own way. They were all interconnected in a peculiar way throughout the story line, but now that it is over they are all parting and continuing their separate lives. Jake decided to do some further traveling before going home, making a relaxing pit stop at San Sebastian. The subject of money came up between the men Bill, Mike, and Jake before they parted. It is brought to the reader's attention that Mike is bankrupt and has no money. He spent what little he had on the fiestas in Spain. Although this worried me, he appeared to have a carefree attitude about the matter. By the sound of it, Jake is the only character who is financially stable and can afford what he spends his money on. It is also revealed that Lady Brett is broke. I found that tidbit of information interesting since I figured she would have some money left over from her previous marriage. Considering she's an alcoholic I suppose I shouldn't be surprised.
One part I really liked was the description of San Sebastian. It sounded like a beautiful place to visit. As a matter of fact, I am in Myrtle Beach right now for a national dance competition so I was daydreaming that it was me standing on the beach instead of Jake.
"The beach was smooth and firm, and the sand yellow... The sand was warm under bare feet. There were quite a few people in the water and on the beach. Out beyond where the headlands of the Concha almost met to form the harbor there was a white line of breakers and the open sea." (page 238)
I looked longingly out my balcony window after I read that.

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