Thursday, July 8, 2010

This chapter seemed rather uneventful. Many of the main characters left at the beginning, leaving Jake alone to meet new people and focus on his work. Brett, Robert Cohn, and Frances had all gone traveling somewhere. This allowed the introduction of a new character - Bill Gorton. Something I picked up immediately about Bill was his tendency to repeat words. Every description he gave of Budapest was "wonderful" in some way while Vienna was "not so good". I've noticed that multiple characters repeat themselves in this novel.
"How about Vienna?" [Jake]
"Not so good, Jake. Not so good. It seemed better than it was." [Bill]

"...Tight, Jake. I was tight." [Bill]
"...Four days, Jake. Lasted just four days." [Bill] (page 76)
Another character the audience got to meet was Michael Campbell. Brett is Michael's supposed bride-to-be. We'll see how that turns out. I have a feeling that those two will not end up getting married after all. Michael appeared a bit erratic. He kept asking the men to admire Brett and spoke of how lovely she was. It was a little over the top to be honest.

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  1. Is there significance to Bill using the same words over and over?