Friday, July 9, 2010


This was one of the first few chapters that I found humorous and interesting to read. Jake, Bill, Brett, Mike, and Robert have all finally met up again. When they went to see the bulls unloaded, I tried to pay even closer attention because I have never read anything about that before. I found the process to be pretty interesting for the most part. Is that still how they unload them today? I realized while reading this that I never took the time to think about how bulls were transported to where the fights take place. It must be incredibly difficult to try and force a bull to go inside a trailer...I have a feeling that wouldn't be the most successful task in the entire world. On another note, what I found humorous was when Mike criticized Robert for followingBrett around. He used a simile to compare Robert with a steer. It was definitely effective in my opinion because I could tell that he was becoming more obvious in his attachment to her. His infatuation with Brett is getting a little out of hand.
"Tell me, Robert. Why do you follow Brett around like a poor bloody steer? Don't you know you're not wanted? I know when I'm not wanted. Why don't you know when you're not wanted? You came down to San Sebastian where you weren't wanted, and followed Brett around like a bloddy steer." (page 146)
Although Mike was harsh, I have to admit there was truth to his criticism.


  1. You read my mind. Hahah! I really hope that is how they still unload the bulls. Could you imagine watching them gore the audience?

  2. I don't want to imagine anything goring anyone...maybe that's why I struggled through the bull-fighting passages!