Friday, July 9, 2010

I focused mostly on the bull fighting and the description of Pedro Romero. Romero was remarkably different from all of the characters who have been introduced to the reader so far. By his description, he sounded older and more experienced than his real age. Even though he was only nineteen, he exuded a certain confidence in the text.
"His black hair shone under the electric light. He wore a white linen shirt and the sword-handler finished his sash and stood up and stepped back. Pedro Romero nodded, seeming very far away and dignified when we shook hands. Montoya said something about what great aficionados we were, and that we wanted to wish him luck. Romero listened very seriously. Then he turned to me. He was the best-looking boy I had ever seen." (page 167)
I'm not the only one who was interested in Pedro; moreover, Brett seemed to find him absolutely captivating. She commented on his good looks and great skill as a bull fighter. While she watched him in the ring, Jake explained to her all his techniques and what was going on. What I am more curious about is where Jake learned all these aspects of bull fighting. He was able to explain them in great detail, and knew all the differences between their techniques as well.
"Romero had the old thing, the holding of his purity of line through the maximum of exposure, while he dominated the bull by making him realize he was unattainable, while he prepared him for the killing." (page 172)
I wish I knew what he meant when he discussed Romero's purity of line and movement before preparing the bull for the kill.

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