Friday, July 9, 2010

The plot of this story is getting rather complicated. Basically, it's all because of Brett. Cohn ended up fighting just about everyone he saw the night he found Brett with Romero, and got himself into a huge tangled mess. Now nobody likes him and he was forced to leave the fiesta before it was finished. I have a feeling that I won't be seeing much more of Robert before the end of this novel.
I am growing a little tired of the men in this story acting rash and immature. It seems to me that all any of the characters really do everyday is get drunk and say things they will regret later. I don't understand how none of them have responsibilities or real lives that prevent them from being able to do this so often. As of right now, I cannot tell where the plot of this story is going.
"He said if Cohn helped him he'd kill him, and he'd kill him anyway this morning if Cohn wasn't out of town. Cohn was crying, and Brett had told him off, and he wanted to shake hands." (page 206)
At least that explained the source of Robert's tears the night before. It must have killed him to hear Brett tell him herself to leave her alone. I think this teaches the audience a valuable lesson: people who act rashly always have to suffer the consequences later. Therefore, Cohn will have to suffer for the poor decisions he made that evening.

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