Thursday, July 8, 2010


While skimming my list of literary terms, Hemingway's use of epanalepsis really stuck out to me. There was actually a small part of the chapter that I had to reread because it was so repetitive.
"I'm not joking you. I never joke people. Joke people and you make enemies. That's what I always say." [Count]
"You're right. You're terribly right. I always joke people and I haven't a friend in the world. Except Jake here." [Brett]
"You don't joke him."
"That's it."
"Do you, now? Do you joke him?"
Brett looked at me and wrinkled up the corners of her eyes.
"No, I wouldn't joke him."
"See, you don't joke him." (page 65)
I'm not particularly sure why this was emphasized so heavily, but it was. I was struck with just how flirty Brett can be through her banter towards the count. She is turning out to be quite the provocative character. Even though she is engaged to marry someone else, she has no problem entertaining the many affections of other men. I wouldn't trust her at all if I were Jake. Right now, I don't like the direction that her character is taking.

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